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Over a year ago I was going to do a follow up video to “Vatican’s 3rd Secret Of Fatima is a Fake and a Forgery” , when I happen to come across a file on the internet claiming that it was the Third Part of the Secret of Fatima. I had never seen a copy of this, I saved the jpeg file with the intention of debunking it, but never did anything with it. At that time, I was searching for letters written by Sister Lucia and I was searching in Portuguese, because I wanted to find more handwriting samples.

Now, I have serious doubts as to the authenticity of the letter that is presented as the Third Part of the Secret, but at the same time there are certain things that cannot be explained away, or at least I can’t seem to explain away. So I decided to go the route of St. Paul “But prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
(1Thessalonians 5:21)

Since the best way to do something like this is to bring it out in the open and see what happens. If it is a fake, then nothing will come of it, if it is real, then nothing can stop it.

Some Interesting Details:

  1. The file was found while searching in Portuguese language in browser.
  2. The file name was originally an alpha/numeric code, I renamed the file in order to be able to find it, hind sight I should have kept two copies, the original and the renamed. Turns out it was released by Tradition in Action
  3. The letter is dated September 1, 1944 (upper right hand corner), September 1, 1944 was the 13th of Elul or 6/13. Elul is the 6th month in the Jewish Calendar, September is the 9th, “69”. 69 is one of the symbols of the constellation of Cancer and Cancer is claimed by the Freemasons as their symbol. The 6/13 is a reference to the six apparitions on the thirteenth of every month. it appears that the date is April 1st. 1944.
  4. There is no crease from the letter being opened, if it was photographed after being in an envelope, should it not have a crease?
  5. The handwriting of the document in question, in comparison to known letters of Sister Lucia before 1958, appears to be a complete match! The Vatican could not forge something this good!
  6. The image quality of the document in question is very good, not like the copies that the Vatican released, so the intent is for someone to be able to read it. Granted, it can only be to either reveal or mislead.
  7. The photograph of the letter is not cropped out of the background, whom ever photographed the image made sure the blanket/towel/cloth was visible, this is very interesting because of the photograph of Bishop DaSilva with the 3rd Secret envelope in Time Magazine.
  8. If someone wanted to fake a document why would you add a finger print at the bottom that could easily expose the said document as a fake?
  9. The sheet of paper is not ruled and has a border line much like the ones the Vatican released for the first and second secret.
  10. The Vatican dated their version of the secret as 3/1/1944 (January 3rd, 1944), this document is dated on 1/4/944 (April 1st, 1944, a Saturday)
  11. On the eighteenth line of text, Sister Lucia writes “Juan Pablo II”, referring to John Paull II. But Juan Pablo is in Spanish, in Portuguese it would have been “João Paulo II” Sister Lucia knew Spanish as well as Portuguese from living in Tuy. Since she did not know of John Paul, she would have to have been told to write Juan Pablo. Meaning of this?
The Third Part of The Secret of Fatima (allegedly)
Bishop DaSilva with the Third Secret of Fatima
Handwriting comparison


So, why go through this trouble of releasing something that may or may not be true? The answer is simple, as I mention in my book, Fatima, The Pope & America, in 1958 Our Lord’s ministers disobeyed our Lord Jesus in the most astounding manner. it was not the Vatican’s role or job to reveal the Third Part of the Secret, it was for Bishop DaSilva or upon his death, it would fall to the Patriarch of Lisbon. Never was it for the Vatican to do anything other than to Consecrate Russia to the immaculate Heart of Mary.
Now in the Vatican we see the unbelievable corruption, the faithless clergy and the despicable acts against the Church of Christ, His bride!

Well, according to this potentially real third secret, if it is released to the public and the Vatican is put on notice, if after 69 weeks, the Vatican has not done a 180 deg turn, it will be destroyed. By releasing it on 8/15/2021, the Vatican has until December 11th, 2022 to get their house in order or it will be destroyed on the 12th of December 2022. (12/12 or 33)

If nothing happens, well it was worth a try!

I have created a forum for us all to discuss this interesting item. https://fatimaforum.machado-family.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2

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