Second Secret

Never released!

My fellow Catholics, where is the second secret? Sister Lucia clearly delineates the first Secret by declaring “The first was the sight of Hell. “, This is extremely important because Sister Lucia explicitly tells us that there are three distinct things.

três means three, coisas means things and distintas means distinct. There is no way around it, there are THREE DISTINCT THINGS and this is why she starts with, “The first was the sight of Hell“, she intends to enumerate the distinct things. The Second secret would logically have to start with;

A segunda é …” or “O segundo é” or maybe even “O segundo é o seguinte

The Secret is not three parts, a part refers to or belonging to something else, there are no parts, only three secrets that are distinct and unique from each other. The first Secret we are given the sight of Hell, a description of what the children saw, a remedy to save the souls from Heaven, a description of what will happen if the Blessed Virgin Mary’s requests are carried out and a description of what will happen if her requests are not carried out.

There is no “Second part”, no Second Secret released!

The Second Secret has the words of In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc.’ Which Fr. Schweigl references as the Third Secret being a continuation of that statement, but that statement is not in the First Secret, so clearly the Second Secret has not been revealed.