The Third Part of the Secret

To say that the infiltrators (Freemasons) at the Vatican are word smiths is an understatement of Biblical proportions. As I stated in my book, Fatima, The Pope & America, these people are expert word smiths, they can write things in such a way, that unless you are alert, they will have you believe you are reading something under an assumption and you won’t even know it.

For an example, one of the biggest lies of all time, is that you and I live on a ball of water, spinning at 1000 mph, while sitting in a vacuum. And they claim that the Earth is round. They will claim that it is round, that it has circular shape, even that it is ball shaped. But they will never say it is a sphere, because the true shape of the Earth is a round, circular plane but it is not a sphere. This is why it is called a Globe and not a sphere in any of your text books, they let you make that assumption! Can you tell me what the difference is between a globe and a snow globe, there is none. The snow globe is the shape of the Earth, complete with a dome and all. Everything that is false, you assumed and they let you assume it. In their eyes, if you are two stupid to know the truth, that falls upon you!

The same goes for the Vatican, which, after 1958 cannot be trusted whatsoever! Read my book to understand why.

As we noted in the “Second Secret”, there is not one secret in three parts, there are three distinct secrets. The Vatican, however, does not refer to the the Secret of Fatima, or even the Secrets of Fatima, but as the “Message of Fatima”. But there were many messages given at Fatima and after. The title of the page should have been “The Secret of Fatima” or “The Secrets of Fatima”. By titling the document as the Message of Fatima, we are no longer dealing with the Secret of Fatima but the parts of the secret of Fatima.

The “Secret of Fatima” is not the same as “the third part of the secret of Fatima”! By capitalizing the word Secret, “Secret of Fatima” is the thing, the noun or object. by using a lower case for the “secret of Fatima”, secret becomes the preposition and Fatima the object of the Preposition. We are no longer conversing about the same thing.

So then we come to the “THIRD PART OF THE <<SECRET>>” and once again we are met with legalese and no one saw it. In a legal document, if you put a word, letter or whatever in brackets, it indicates that what ever is in brackets is not part of the document/contract. The title of the third part may as well just have been “THIRD PART OF THE” because SECRET has grammatically been removed. You are no longer referring to the actual Third Secret but to an invention.

But the most damaging thing is the the date written, on the alleged third part of the Secret. On the second line, the year is 1917, but notice that the number 7 is not crossed.

Proof the 3rd part of the secret of Fatima is a fake

The 2000 document the Vatican released as the Third Part of the secret of Fatima is a complete fraud, forgery and fake!